5 Sales and Marketing Tactics Your Insurance Agency Isn’t Using (But Should Be)

“Agents should change… and then change some more.” Michael Lujan, Co-founder of Limelight Health

As an insurance agency, one of the most important qualities you can have is the ability to adapt to change. Not only is your industry and technology changing, but the way you communicate with your customers and prospects has dramatically changed in the last 10 years.

Have you adapted?

Unfortunately, new research has shown that many companies in the insurance industry have been slow to adapt to the new opportunities and obstacles they face in today’s digital landscape. Simply attending networking events with your paper business card isn’t enough anymore. You need to adapt to the new ways of selling and reaching your customers.

Here are 5 sales and marketing tactics to put more focus on in 2017:

Online Portals and Mobile Apps

Your customers now do almost everything online. When evaluating what insurance agent to work with, your accessibility and ease of use will be a main concern. Despite this, Agency Marketing Partners found that 83% of agencies do not have online portals and 54% of agency websites are not mobile-ready. When your business is found online, 56% of that traffic is coming from a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, this will be a major turn-off to potential customers. Now, customers expect you to go beyond a simple website by offering online portals, mobile apps and other digital resources.

56% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, but 54% of insurance agency websites are not mobile-ready. Inigo digital business cards

Online Review Sites and Local Search Tools

While you work to differentiate the service and rates you offer clients, at the end of the day it will come down to which agent they know, like and trust. Getting prospects to know you comes from referrals and local search tools. This may seem obvious, but 39% of agencies are not using local search tools.

Once your agency is found, getting your prospect’s trust comes from the trust you’ve built up with past customers. Filling your website and online listings with reviews from customers is the best way to do this. Yet, again, 65% of agencies do not have customer ratings and testimonials on their website.

Social Media Selling

More than half of insurance agents understand the benefits of social selling. But there is still 38% of agencies that do not link to social media sites. If you’re part of this group of holdouts, it’s time to embrace the change and go to where your customers are already communicating and seeking help.

If you’re already on social media, it may be time to evaluate if you’re doing everything you can to really reach your customers. Social media has changed a great deal in the past 10 years too. It’s no longer enough to simply have a Facebook page that you post updates on. You need to actively engage with your community, join groups relevant to insurance and your target customer, and participate in discussions.

Digital Business Cards

The time-honored way to share your contact information with customers and prospects has always been the trusty business card. When you only needed to share your phone and email address, paper business cards worked just fine. But now you need to include links to your social media accounts, online review sites, mobile applications and a variety of other contact methods. And you may want to ability to share different information with different people. Using a digital business card gives you the ability to great an engaging card you can send to people so they can easily save you to their mobile device and click through to any of your additional contact methods or resources.

55% of insurance agencies do not track where their leads are coming from or their ROI. Inigo digital business cards

Lead Tracking and Management

You shouldn’t engage in all of these new methods just because I say so. You should only do them if they bring real value to your business. But, if you’re part of the 55% of agencies that do not track where their leads are coming from or their ROI, how will you know what is and isn’t working? Putting systems in place to track and manage the leads you’re bringing in so you understand the ROI of your sales and marketing will help you focus on the tactics that are showing the greatest results.

With Inigo Team, you can track every digital business card your insurance agents send out, see what aspects of their cards are being clicked on, and collect all the leads generated in one CRM. This allows you to identify your top performers and the methods they’re using that are most effective.

As Eric Narcisco, CEO of Effective Coverage says, “Focus on the results. Insurance agents are flooded with opportunities to become better marketers, provide better customer service, and improve the operational efficiency. At Effective Coverage we are a firm believer in evaluating and testing those opportunities, but then measuring the impact of those opportunities on the agencies results.”

What other sales and marketing tactics does your insurance agency use? Share it in the comments below!