5 Technology Solutions to Help Grow Your Real Estate Business

inigo digital business cardsA decade ago, all a good real estate agent needed was a For Sale sign and a stack of business cards to get their name and listings out there. Now, with the rise of online marketplaces like Zillow and Trulia and the increase in smartphone usage, things have changed.

Realtors, agents and brokers face new challenges and opportunities now that prospective homebuyers and sellers are more educated about real estate and are more accessible through their phones and social networks.

On the one hand, there is an even greater challenge to distinguish your business from competitors in an increasingly noisy landscape. Luckily, new technology offers you new ways to reach your clients and organize your business. Here are 7 technology solutions that can help you market and grow your real estate business in this new landscape:


You’ve undoubtedly heard of the mobile app and social network, Snapchat. In general, Realtors and agents need to market themselves on social media to help grow their trust and authority. It’s also extremely important to increase the variety of multimedia you are using. Text, images, videos and more should all be used to help market your business and your listings. In fact, the National Association of REALTORS has found 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a real estate agent that uses video marketing. Snapchat is the perfect combination of all those mediums. It also gives you a unique way to show your authentic, personal side, which can go a long way towards building relationships.

73% of homeowners are more like to list with a real estate agent that uses video marketing


Yes, actual drones. Some of the best media you can use to sell a house are aerial pictures and videos. According to MLS statistics, properties with aerial images sell 68% faster than those with standard images. Hiring a plane or helicopter to take aerial photos may not have been feasible or cost effective, but drones offer a much cheaper way to take high quality photos and videos to help sell your listing.

RoomScan Pro

Another important resource for realtors are floor plans to include with your listing. In the past this was another process that could be tedious and costly. RoomScan Pro is an iOS app that makes it quick and easy to create floor plans. All you need to do is press your phone to each wall in the house and the app will automatically generate a complete plan for you to include in your listings and share with prospective homebuyers.

Now that your technology has improved your listings and allowed you to reach new homebuyers through social media, you need solutions that can help you organize your sales process and streamline how you engage with leads.

Moxi Works

Moxi Works is a productivity solution that allows you to manage your sphere of influence. The tool includes a CRM, agent websites, presentation tools and a brokerage hub. The brokerage hub is really the key to this solution. While providing your agents resources to help sell is important, being able to manage and monitor the use of those resources is vital to measure results and ensure they’re being used effectively.

Inigo Team

Inigo also understands the need for your real estate brokerage to have oversight into your agent’s activity. With Inigo Team, you can create digital business card templates that your agents can use to share their contact information, listings and social networks with prospective homebuyers and sellers. Most importantly, you can collect the contacts they reach out to in a single database and measure their activity to help your agents improve. With the amount of social networks and multimedia realtors are using today, they need an easy way to share it all with their contacts. Your real estate business also needs a way to monitor what channels your agents are using and where your team is seeing the most success. Inigo Team’s digital business cards offer you a way to do all of that.

What other solutions have you found to help grow your real estate business? Let us know in the comments below!